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Thursday, December 22, 2005 at 11:37 AM

Merry Christmas and all that other holiday stuff.

Just wanted to take a quick moment here while I had the chance and wish everyone out there a safe and merry Christmas. For those of you that frequent this blog I would like to say thanks for reading and I hope all of your holiday wishes come true. Personally I just look forward to waking up at 5 A.M. on Christmas morning to the sounds of "Daddy, Santa was here!" Even though it is too early for even me it is worth it when it is all said and done!

So, what the heck was on all of your Christmas lists this year? Me, seeing how having a wife, kids, bills, a mortgage, etc. to take care of, the frugal days of old are gone, so my Christmas list is typically a collection of all the CD's and such I missed during the year. I know, my wife, mom and mother-in-law always give me the typical "boring" look when they see it but hey, I just can't go out like I used to and drop 15 bucks on a CD freely anymore! Damn responsibilities! They always give me the lines like "Don't you want something for the house?" or the famous "How about some new work shoes or dress pants for work?" My typical response to that is of I need a new pair of pants or shoes or I need something for the house I just go out and get them, those are needs that are budgeted in! In my opinion a Christmas list is about all those guilty little pleasures, all the "wants" that I missed out on in the last year.

Anyway, since I really have nothing else better to do today here is an exclusive inside look at exactly what the sports dude asked for this Christmas. I know, none of you really give two shits but hey, it is my blog damn it, I will type whatever the hell I want!

CD's - in no particular order:

Santana "All That I Am"

Fiona Apple "Extraordinary Machine"

Nickelback "All The Right Reasons"

Our Lady Peace "Healthy In Paranoid Times"

Garbage "Bleed Like Me"

Gretchen Wilson "All Jacked Up"

Sheryl Crow - "Wildflowers"

Better Than Ezra - "Before the Robots" & "Closer"

David Gray - "Life in Slow Motion"

Faith Hill - "Fireflies"

Jason Mraz - "Mr. A to Z"

And, of course, a repeat gift every year, the current versions of "Madden" and "Tiger Woods Golf" for the good old PS2.

There you go, now that I have bored you to death I can again say Merry Christmas and I will let you all know next week how I did on Christmas myself. Peace out, go Pistons and have a safe and merry and jolly one! Godspeed - the sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

I love Better Than Ezra! That's on my Christmas List too...

Merry Christmas Sports Dude!  


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