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Tuesday, December 20, 2005 at 10:58 AM

Mitch Albom is unattached, unless it comes to self promotion.

Mitch Albom is a dumb ass, there I said it, now let’s move on. If any of you are wondering why I am typing those words then look no further than this link right here, it will take you to an article in Sundays Free Press. In it Mitch writes about what he think the word fan is and why he thought the orange out, the “FIRE MILLEN” signs, the angry man march were all inappropriate and were not what defines a true fan. Again I say this Mr. Albom, not only are you an unattached dumb ass you are completely wrong.

We here in Detroit have a football team, if you want to call it that, which has produced one playoff victory since 1957, a span of nearly 50 years (48 to be exact Mr. Albom, but I didn’t want to hurt your small brain with actual math!). We here in Detroit have a football team sir that had quite arguably the greatest running back of all time in one Barry Sanders simply walk away from this franchise because, to put it plainly, he could still walk. You see, the organization failed Barry, they never gave him a team to compete with, they just figured Barry was filling the seats so why bother? You know, that is a disgrace in itself, the greatest runner of all time walks away from the Lions because they all but used him and screwed him over. Says a lot about the guys in the front office doesn’t it? Well, not as much as giving a guy with a 20-58 record (looming on the horizon is 20-60!) a five year extension before this season began! It is a shame that the Fords take us for granted Mitch, it really is, because their track record speaks volumes for itself… 50 years of losing yet still they sell out every game.

So what do you think a fan is then, Mitch, please tell me? Is it someone who stands by and just keeps saying, like you said, “We’ll get them next time?” Well, in the case of the Lions, when will that next time be? In this case the next time appears to have taken 50 years (again, I round up to save you the trouble of thinking too much!) so do we wait another 50? Do I tell my three young boys that maybe someday WHEN I AM A GRANDPA MYSELF that the Lions will finally be done with this “get them next time” phase of redevelopment? Is that what you want us to do Mitch, as fans?

See Mitch I think the problem with you buddy is right there in the article you wrote, you even said it yourself, you are not a fan of anything… except maybe self promotion! You are truly and completely 100% detached from the so-called “fan” base that you write for, you truly are! The march, the orange, the “FIRE MILLEN” campaign was not about us turning on our Lions but rather an intervention, kind of like rehab Mitch. Say you have a family member or close friend that is on the brink of dying from a drug overdose, so close in fact he has nearly died a couple times already. Do you turn the other cheek Mitch and assume that they will eventually just “get it themselves”? Or do you and some other friends and family members step up and say “okay, enough is enough, all of us are here now and all of us love you, now let’s all get some help together?" I suspect, and hope, that you would intervene immediately Mitch and that is exactly what this Sunday was all about there buddy – a large scale group intervention. There was no “boycott” being called for, no violence, not for one damn instant did it even turn ugly, and in fact I think it was entirely calm and full of apathy. It was just a bunch of us “family and friends” there together Mitch trying to get a message to the Fords – enough of this “overdosing” of mediocre football, we are here and we want to help. You see Mitch, behind every one of those paper bags, underneath each of those orange shirts, behind every "FIRE MILLEN” sign is a Lion fan at heart and we just wanted to make a statement, we wanted to do the “group intervention” thing, and that is all it was.

I ask you this Mitch, when was the last time you were a fan of anything? I remember the investigation you were under recently and I felt bad for you then, but this article may be too much for many in this area to overlook. You called us out this time Mitch and I think that was a mistake and it shows how you have truly lost touch with those that you supposedly write for. Maybe the next time you put one of those self promotion tags at the end of you articles (the ones that are always there reminding your “fans” where you are going to be signing your books!) you may want to take note, there soon could be a “FIRE MITCH” protest outside one of those places of business, or does that not make us “fans” anymore either?

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

This is a great post! I agree 100%! I meant to reply the other day, but got sidetracked.

You have a good holiday too. I agree with you on Millen, I hope he gets another chance.  


Blogger Ian C. said...

My biggest problem with Albom is that he doesn't write anymore - he preaches. He used to get to know the athletes he covered and told great stories. Now, he just passes judgment from wherever the hell he is these days. (Is that Detroit? Or L.A.?) And if he deems a story big enough, he'll step down from Mount Pompous to cover it. And it's so tiresome.

I'd rather read what Michael Rosenberg and - dare I say it - Drew Sharp have to say about what's going on in Detroit sports.  


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