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Monday, October 31, 2005 at 10:03 AM

Monday Morning QB

Well, what a strange and exciting weekend in sports! Well, maybe not really, but I came close on two of my three upset specials. I got the Georgia game right, came up way short on the Ohio State/Minnesota game and was geeked for three quarters with my Texas pick. Anyway, here is a quick wrap up of the weekend in sports.

The Wolverines, my Wolverines, looked pretty darn impressive there in Evanston this weekend if I do say so myself. The depth at running back continues to amaze even me and I can honestly say that the bye week comes at an opportune time. If nothing else it should give Mike Hart enough time to rest and recover fully because we may not need him in two weeks against Indiana but we sure as hell will need him against Ohio State. Yes the depth is nice, but the running game is that much better when Hart is in, make no mistake about it. Henne continues to seem like he is in a daze at time, although his hail mary interception at the end of the first half really doesn't count in my book too much. He spread the ball around to a decent number of different receivers, but he really needs to brush off whatever funk he is in before the Ohio State game in three weeks. He has what I like to call "John Navarre Syndrome", as in he locks onto Jason Avant and doesn't throw until Avant is open. Navarre was infamous for locking onto one receiver and Henne has the same trait. In his defense I am sure it is still holdover from last year when as a freshman he was told to "just throw it up for Braylon" but he does need to learn to not lock his gaze on one guy so often. He still is only a sophomore so I give him the benefit of the doubt, I think he will still only get better. The defense looked really solid once again and I can now say that they survived to this point against the spread offense and are now 3-0 against it this season.

The Spartans got a much needed win against one of the Big Tens perennial door mat teams, the Indiana Hoosiers. They needed a band aide to stop the bleeding that was coming out of Lansing and they got just that. I can not comment too much on this game because I was at my nephews birthday party so I really did not watch it, all I saw was the final score later in the day and it looked like the Spartans had their way with the lowly Hoosiers all afternoon.

The Lions lost in OT on a poorly throw pass from Jeff Garcia which resulted in an interception returned for a touchdown. The defense seemed to play decent enough all afternoon, but yet again the offense did little to back it up. I know, you are expecting the sports dude to be singing the mighty Garcia's praises here, but he took a gamble and it failed in OT. Plenty of blame to throw around on offense everywhere, but the bottom line is they are still not getting it done. Huge loss here because now they must finish with a better overall record than the Bears which is something that I do not see happening at this point in time. I also think it is safe to say that there won't be a wild card team coming out of the JV North Division here, so this was a huge loss for that reason as well. Bottom line, however, is the sports dude will still take Garcia over Harrington all day, even with that piss poor pass in OT. I am a Joey hater my friend and I still am waiting for that glorious day when Andre Ware Jr., I mean Harrington, gets ridden out of town on the first bus the Lions can find.

Later, and check back for my Pistons preview coming sometime tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on when I get off my lazy ass and get it done. Peace! The sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

The Spartans were in control early and never looked back. Your Wolverines looked very good and they will now win out and get a decent bowl appearance. And our Lions always find new ways to disappoint. That was a horrible decision, but it wasn't the only play that did the Lions in. Horrible kick-off return coverage allowed the Bears to start with great field position numerous times. Hanson missed a field goal. What I am saying is plenty of blame to go around, that's for sure...  


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