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Monday, July 11, 2005 at 11:36 AM

My beef with the All Star Game.

I would just like to take a moment and talk a little about the upcoming All-Star Game here at Comerica Park. We are only a couple days away and I figure, since I am a Detroit Sports Blogger, I should probably talk about such a huge event taking place downtown. Now, I understand that it is a warm up to the Super Bowl in a few months, but none the less this is a great measuring stick for the city and should be a decent show for all.

Now, I could go into the insults about our “beautiful” down town area, but I won’t… too much that is! What I would really love to see is all those abandoned buildings down there just blown to pieces. Take every burnt out, crack infested building in the area of Ford Field and Comerica and level it. Turn the remaining areas into parking lots, parking garages and parking related things. Then, save enough space for the final piece of the master puzzle – a new hockey arena. You would have the ultimate sports venue, the ultimate sports plaza if you will right there all together. There really is no need for those buildings, unless you are a bum needing shelter or a young, inspiring graffiti artist, so I say level them all! Build a new ice arena, turn the remaining vacant areas into parking lots and structure, and maybe add a new club or something and you have the ultimate sport scene in the middle of downtown Detroit. But start there, let that be the epicenter of rebirth and move out. There is no reason to hold onto the crappy buildings down there and hopefully the city will get a mayor soon that will fight for something other than his own parties and pimp like ways. All I can say is, I truly miss Dennis Archer.

All right, enough with the negative of the city itself let me talk about the game for one second. What really bothers me about the All-Star Game here is this gimmick that Selig came up with, that of World Series home field advantage going to the winner of the game. What the crap is that? That is junk and let me tell you why I feel that way. If home field advantage is going to be decided by the outcome of this game, shouldn’t the best players truly be there? Not the most popular, not the ones who sell the most jerseys, but the ones who happen to be the best in their league at the time? I understand that the league likes to keep the fans involved by letting them vote, but damn let them vote in the reserves then! Home field advantage in the World Series is too big a thing to let the “popular people” decide, there needs to be a better way of doing it. That is why I am saying let the managers pick the starters from the best people in the league at the time, the fans can pick the reserves. That way at least you know that, if you get to the World Series, the best possible roster was on the field when home field was decided, not just all the “pretty boys” of baseball. Who knows, maybe the roster would almost be identical anyhow, but at least make it fair and in my opinion right now it is not.

Well, that is all I have for the time being, maybe we will talk more later. Until then, keep breathing, keep smiling and enjoy the day! The Sports Dude.

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