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Tuesday, July 05, 2005 at 4:26 PM

Back from vacation, damn it all to hell!!

I have returned but am not yet ready to talk about sports. While I was away in the great outdoors, the middle of nowhere if you will, can you believe I read no sport sections at all? That is right, I the self proclaimed “sports dude” did not even pick up a newspaper. In fact, there is no cable up there, so I couldn’t even watch ESPN of Fox Sports for updates. The only time I read a sports section was on Wednesday, and that was the one for the previous Friday. What is the significance in waiting that long to read a sports section? Well that was the day after the Pistons lost, that particular Friday’s section, and I was not ready to yet read it. But as of Wednesday, the dust had settled and I was ready to read it and deal with it and let it pass. Now, we move on.

And that is what we shall do with this site as well, we shall move on. However, I am not yet ready to do that. I have a weeks worth of sports sections to scour through to make sure I missed nothing of note, do some research and post about it then. What is there left to really talk about? Well, there is the upcoming Lions stuff in about a month, U of M football is on the horizon, the Tigers are playing still and there is at least basketball free agency. That should keep us occupied for the next couple months while there really is nothing but “dead time” in the world of sports.

Well, I am glad to be back and look forward to talking to all of you again real soon. Until then, I have to start reading these damn sports sections! Later – the sports dude.

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