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Tuesday, June 14, 2005 at 10:41 AM

Just play for yourselves.

Look, I posted a couple comments at some of my other favorite sports blogs on the subject, but I wanted to post about it here at home as well. Let me just say this, Brown or no Brown next year, these starters will be here so play for yourselves, forget the coach! Unless Dumars gets "the trade proposal of the century" or just goes plain mad, the only changes I see coming are to the bench. They clearly need a more reliable guard, Hunter most likely will be gone and I think Arroyo will be traded. McDyess is about the only dependable scorer off the bench, he needs some damn help. The Pistons biggest problem is they truly only have six guys they can depend on, the starters and McDyess. Hunter is for defensive purposes only, he shoots more bricks then I do. I really wish they would have kept Delfino on the playoff roster, but that is just me. Say what you want about Darko, but I think he will be a contributor next season, I really think he will be all right. But that is next year, let's talk about this year.

I don't feel like retyping it, so here is the comment I posted at "The Sportspig's" site a few moments ago, you can see the original here. Give it a read if you like below:

"I was just reading Terry Foster's post from today and I think he hit the nail right on the head. If you have not read it yet you should check it out. Basically he spoke of how the Pistons have clearly shut Brown out and feel betrayed by him. Can you blame them? The only problem is, don't do it now on the NBA's biggest stage. Play through it, play for each other, not for your coach.That is what they need to remember, to play through this crap and stick together. No matter what happens to Brown after this season the starting five should still be the same next year. Barring some miracle trade proposal or Joe Dumars suddenly going mad and blowing the team up, this starting five will be back next year - Brown or no Brown. Play for each other damn it, show Brown what he is walking away from. But do it quick - there is not too much time left.You may be able to take time off against the Sixers, the Pacers and the Heat, but not the Spurs. You spotted them two games, now get over and play some damn ball - for each other. Later."

Really, that is how I feel and there is no point in typing it again, man I love the copy-paste tool! But in all honesty, forget Brown, don't give him the satisfaction of "losing it just to show him." And if you think that, by losing, you will send Brown the ultimate "F.U." going away gift, don't give him that pleasure. Do you honestly think you will just walk through the playoffs next year, win the East and win the title all over again? Are you all really that naive? What about the other teams in the East, don't you think they will retool this off season to make life more miserable on you? Don't piss this one away to "give it to Brown" and just assume you will be back next year, it won't be that easy. Miami will retool and they almost beat you will a injury plagued roster. The Cavs will be better, they got Lebron for Christ sakes! The Nets, the Pacers, teams will improve over the off season to try and over throw you. Don't just assume the East will be yours forever, because forever is now! Remember, the "Bad Boys" won in 1989 and 1990, you got one in 2004. Do the math, that is 14 years - I truly doubt any of you will be around in another 14 years! Don't take it for granted, forget the Larry Brown saga and remember who is in the trenches with you - your teammates, that's who! Let Brown go, win this one for yourselves.

That is all I got, I really have nothing else to say. The Pistons of last year need to wake up and find themselves quickly. If not, not only are they going to lose their coach, but they are going to lose their rings, their trophy, their title, their crown and their pride. All they will have left is the "what if's" and those damn belts which will be nothing but meaningless. Shut up, "D" up and play some freaking basketball! The time is now, you spotted the Spurs two games, no more!


Blogger Brian said...

dude... um. You know Jesse? I know Jesse, and Paul, etc. Have you been to the 'Berg? I'm the one with the long hair and the jokes about hating children, etc.  


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