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Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 3:03 PM

Just "won" game.

I know the title of this post is a silly pun, but that is what I do best. In all honesty, this was just one game, one win and they still need to do it three more times. The question is can they, or more importantly, will they?

Make no mistake about it, the Pistons need to win the next two home games. If they lose any of those games the series is all but over. Tomorrow's game, followed by Sunday's, must be treated as game #7's in the Pistons eyes. If they gain a split in the next two they will go to San Antonio down 3-2 and that is not a great situation to be in. Sorry folks, I love my Pistons to death, but if they do not win these next to home games we can all start talking about next season. There is no way they can win two in San Antonio, which is what they will need to do if they can not win the next two at home.

Yes, I am sure some of you will read this and say "Well, yeah, duh?!?!", but it is quite simple logic if you ask me. They had better show up, "D" up and keep this intensity up for the next two home games. If they win the next two I really like their chances of winning at least one of the last two games in San Antonio. Lose one of these next two and it is all over folks, sad but true.

That is all I really have got to say right now. What else can you say? Can the Pistons maintain it? Or was it simply the fact that Manu was not himself? The thing I liked the most about the game, besides the fact Ben Wallace reappeared, was the fact I saw Spurs players on the floor. I am not a believer in dirty play, but I have no problem with putting people on their backsides. If the Spurs want to drive the lane make them eat the lane as well, get in their heads, give them second thoughts. The first two games there was nothing but daylight in the middle, last night the Spurs found the Palace floor. I hope I see more of that in the games to come, otherwise the Spurs will be having the parade and not the Pistons.

Well, here's to Game #4, hopefully the Spurs will get another taste of the Palace hardwood tomorrow night. Later - the sports dude.

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