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Monday, July 25, 2005 at 2:36 PM

Back from vacation, posts to come later!!!!

I have returned from 10 days in the South Dakota sun, and let me tell you it was breath taking! We had one cold day out there, and by cold I mean 91 degrees! The rest of the time the average temp was about 97 and the sky was perfectly blue, with the occasional "cotton ball" cloud blowing by! Sounds like it was humid here, but the air was dry out there so there was little or no humidity to make the temps seem miserable!

Anyway, I will probably take a break from the sports blogging later this week and give you all a recap of my vacation, mostly just for my own sake, but maybe some of you will enjoy it as well. In the mean time, I have 10 days worth of sports sections to read and take notes on as I try and figure out what the hell went on while I was on vacation! It seems Brown is out, Flip is in, the Tigers are fighting people and teasing with the wild card, the Lions are on the brink of training camp and the Red Wings - well, they are there I guess!

Well, got to go and do some research here, talk to you all again soon! Hey, does anyone know how the hell to get rid of this dead space at the beginning of each of my latest posts? I can not figure it out and it is bugging the hell out of me! Later - the "catching up with the sports world" dude!

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