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Wednesday, March 02, 2005 at 11:24 AM

Big Easy Games & Big Easy Returns.

Big Easy Games.

Last night was the first time in a while I was actually able to sit down, relax and watch a Pistons game from start to finish. Thankfully, to my satisfaction, they didn’t disappoint and I didn’t cause a damn jinx! The Pistons are on an unbelievable roll right now and just saying that might be a huge understatement. They have now won 8 in a row, 13 out of their last 14 games and are an NBA best 21-6 since January 1st. Oh, and Larry Brown was named coach of the month for February after the Pistons went 9-1. I think, for me, there is only one word that comes to mind to try and sum all of that up – “DAMN!”

Personally, for me, the most gratifying part of the game last night was watching Tayshaun Prince. I had been reading about his new found aggressiveness, hearing about it all over the radio, but had yet to actually see it for myself. After watching my first game in quite a while, period, I now can see what all the fuss was about. Can you say future Piston All-Star in the making? Just watching him play, Darko being a bust or not, makes me say even louder now “Carmelo who?” I still like the Darko pick anyway, yes I am still a believer, but simply watching what Prince is turning into reaffirms it for me even more. The kid is a freak – he has the wing span of a 7 footer with this skinny, 6-9 frame. He gets boards, plays excellent defense (did you see him chase down Van Exel and swat his lay up from behind? Ask Reggie Miller about those types of plays.), is often asked to guard the opposing teams best scorer if they are a small forward or shooting guard, can post up and hit the three ball. The kid seems to have the ability to score at will sometimes, loves to throw the alley oop as well as receive it and can just flat out play. Anyone doubt that four years of college is a bad thing? Not me. Seriously, if his play as of late has not finally shut up all those damn Carmelo lovers out there then you all need to root for a new team, you have no right calling yourself a Piston fan.

Big Easy Returns.

Hell must be freezing over today and it is from the ice thawing off of Rod Thorns heart. I truly was beginning to doubt that this man had any nice bones in his body, but he found one somewhere and did the right thing, releasing Elden Campbell. Here is a Detroit Free Press article from today’s paper on the Big Easy’s return home.

Just reading the article and seeing the players quotes you would think the Pistons picked up Kevin Garnett off of waivers and not Elden Campbell. But that is what the Pistons are, they are not only a team, they are also a family, and one of their brothers is returning home. In the midst of their hottest streak of the season, making what could be one last push to catch Miami, Chauncey Billups says he “feels complete” knowing that Elden is coming back to the “D”. Seriously, read the article, read the quotes – can you feel the love? If chemistry were the deciding factor in every seven game series come playoff time there is no team in the NBA that could stand up to the Pistons. None.

But that’s what it is with these guys – that bond, that chemistry. These guys really enjoy one another, they hang out, but most importantly they don’t just love playing with one another but for one another. Elden will most likely play just as much here as he was in New Jersey – you know, mop up duty and pine riding – but the key is he gets to do it at home now. To him and to his team mates that is all that truly matters, having him back with the family. Furthermore, come playoff time, they get a “big” that knows the system, fits right in without having to learn new stuff, already has that “bond” with the team, but mainly can hang with Shaq. That’s all this is, a move to help slow down Shaq, and I know I couldn’t be happier.

Lastly, look at the genius of Joe Dumars once again. Even though it took a lot longer to get Elden back then originally planned for, essentially the Pistons gave up a first round pick (most likely a late rounder) for Carlos Arroyo. Two words for you all – “brilliant” and “steal”. Look out Eastern Conference, the boys are back in town and not only ready to finally defend that title the right way, but those crazy belts Rasheed got them as well. If I was the East I would be counting my blessings right now because the Pistons are coming and they have only one thing in mind – the Finals.

Later – the sports dude.

Blogger Dan Joseph said...

I swear, if another Rod Thorn type picks up Campbell, he oughta smash him in the mouth. Oh wait, I'm saying this in public... I'd better not do that.. lol

Seriously though, how stupid was it that the Nets did that to him? The NBAPA should protest the Nets and demand they return his $500,000!  


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