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Tuesday, March 01, 2005 at 2:15 PM

Tuesday Quickies.

I know this is old news, but I forgot about it in my "catch up" post the other day. Seriously, does anyone in the league, aside maybe Ray Lewis, seem to be a better fit for the Raiders? It is like a match made in heaven. So long, Randy Moss, the Black and Blue division ain't going to miss you!

Seems like a bunch of teams have already jumped on the Garcia train. We offer a physical, they offer contracts. Oh well, at least Chris Chandler is out there, along with Brad Johnson. Hey, does anyone know if Terry Bradshaw still wants to play?

Does this surprise anyone? The dude was a wet bag of shit in college. Strike that, a FAT, wet bag of shit in college. Seriously, the guy has "bust" written all over him - and I ain't just talking about his waist line either! The guy is a joke, he should have stayed in college - at least there he was getting paid, getting free SUV's and people were doing his homework for him! Now he has to do all that work for himself, or he has his mamma do it! What a douche bag - yes, I used the words douche bag! It is Clarett and he is a Fuckeye - done. Maybe he could borrow one of Tressel's sweater vests for an interview session, you know, to make him look like a "nice, but misguided, kid."

'Zo is back in Miami. Well, he can comeback wherever he wants, he still ain't getting to the Finals. Sorry Alonzo, you joined the wrong Eastern Conference Contender.

The Pistons were ranked #1 in some ESPN poll for fan satisfaction. Here is the link, but you can use it to check out all the sports individually as well. Way to go Joe D., thanks!!!!

Finally, I have heard a nice rumor on the radio ( I also saw an article on my work mates computer, but was unable to find the link at mine! Tartar sauce!) that Elden Campbell has asked to be released by the Nets and that Thorn has said he will grant The Big Easy's wish. How much you want to bet that Thorn waits until just after midnight, say 12:01, to do it? You know, since the deadline is midnight for the players to be available for post season play? Can you say cocksucker? Sorry, but I could totally see Thorn doing it - JACKASS!

Later - the sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Can you imagine being Kerry Collins with Moss on one side and Jerry Porter on the other? WOW!

John Clayton of ESPN was thinks Garcia will end up in Detroit, unless Warner does. At least that's what he said this morning.

I was cracking up when I heard how bad his 40 times were (they are still alot better than my own, but I ain't trying out for the NFL).

Zo might be able to allow Shaq to rest towards the end of the regular season, but come playoff time I don't him being a major factor. Good point on him picking the wrong Eastern Conference team.

I had posted that link I think last week to the ESPN fan poll and the Pistons were the top franchise out of the big 3 sports.

Thorn is a jackass and I can totally see him doing this, but if he had any class he would grant Campbell's wish, in time for him to join Detroit. I don't see it happening.  


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