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Monday, February 21, 2005 at 3:43 PM

Going for the Garcia.

To be or not to be, that is the question here? Sorry to get all Shakespearean on you and stuff, but it makes me feel important to do those things from time to time. In all honesty, of all the options out there for the Lions to sign, I feel Garcia is the best of the bunch. If everything works out the way it appears, Bledsoe, Garcia, Warner and Brad Johnson will all be released by their current clubs tomorrow. If you ask me that is one rag-tag bunch of veterans, but Garcia sticks out to me and here is why.
He is familiar with Mooch, he has succeeded quite nicely under Mooch and I think that last years season in Cleveland was more the crappy Browns team than a washed up Garcia. If you want to push Joey, to me, Garcia is the best option. If I were Joey I would look at Garcia as a threat because of the success that Mooch and him had together in San Francisco when they were together. If someone like Warner came in, for example, I would look at it as a washed up veteran that is just cashing a check and backing me up. But Garcia, he has had three pro bowl seasons under Mooch and still has something left in the tank. I think Garcia would be a great push, I think Joey would finally have some competition in camp and I think Garcia would do better than Joey. My pick out of the casualties is Garcia, to me he is the only one of the bunch that has anything left in the tank and I say go for it. Make Joey sweat a little, make him feel nervous; make him fight for a change. Damn, he has had Mike McMahon behind him for three years, what kind of push is that? Joey may as well have had me as his back up for three years, with a blind fold on and wearing flip flops! That is how good McMahon is and I don’t think Joey is much better.

Look, I hope someday I eat my words on Joey, I really do. The reason is this – the better Joey does the better the Lions do. But Joey is not a starter; he is a back up at best in this league and nothing more. He went to a crappy Pac-10 school, Oregon, played against a bunch of crappy teams and got drafted by the Lions because he had inflated numbers in college against minimal competition. When we drafted him I said two words to a guy I work with – “Andre Ware.” Enough said.

Well, that is all I have for right now; check back later for my Joe Dumars write up and how I feel about him being on the ballot for the Hall of Fame. Until next time, god speed and wear your ear muffs, it is cold outside! The sports dude.

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