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Monday, February 28, 2005 at 3:37 PM

I go on vacation and the whole NBA trades itself!!!!

While I was away on a little four day weekend getaway with the wife and kids here it seems the NBA went trade crazy. It seemed like the rumored stayed just that (Ray Allen, Michael Redd, Carlos Boozer, etc.) and the strange and unthinkable instead occurred. All I know is that when I checked ESPN on Thursday night in my hotel room (after my damn kids stopped hogging it with all those cartoons – don’t they know daddy has a blog to run?!?!) that when I was reading the bottom line all I could say was “WOW”! Fortunately my belief still stands firm, crazy trades and all, that the road to the Finals still must pass through Three Championship Drive, Auburn Hills, Mi. Here is an ESPN link to all the trades that took place and here is my write up and opinion on what went down.

To me the Pistons biggest competition is still Shaq and the Miami Heat. They all but have Alonzo Mourning signed and got a savvy veteran in Steve Smith to boot. The Heat are definitely much deeper now than they were at the beginning of the year, but even yet these additions don’t really make me fear them anymore, any less. I still believe the Pistons can wear them down in a seven game series, home court or not, but they may need a little more help now than they did before. The “rumored” addition of Dale Davis would be a big plus and I would love to see Larry Brown (his ex-Pacer coach) and ‘Sheed (his buddy and ex-Blazer team mate) be able to persuade him to hop on the Piston train. Don Reid would at least be a fifteen minute, six foul guy but that is about it. At least with Davis you get a guy who is in basketball shape (Reid has been out of the league for a couple years now) and is a guy who could come in and help NOW! Davis would make me feel a lot safer, Reid would help, but hopefully they get someone. If not, oh well, I still take my Pistons in six or seven, they may just have to sweat a little bit more. Also, for the record, it is nice to see Rod Thorn of the Nets keeping his word – that he didn’t just snatch Elden Campbell to stop the Pistons from getting him. You know, Elden is playing big minutes for the Nets and contributing just like Thorn said he would – 6 minutes in the last 7 games. What an ass, he just needs to get over himself and admit the Pistons are better – end of story. One word for you Thorn – cocksucker!

Antoine Walker returning to Boston is no big deal – it didn’t work before, why the hell should it work now? C-Webb and A.I. in Philly may eventually be nice, if both can figure out a way to stay healthy for an entire season, but this year I feel it may be too little, too late. Plus, they really don’t have any supporting cast there in Philly to shake a stick at.

The remainder of the moves, both in the east and out west, were just basically junk trades in my mind. Moves to get some depth, moves to dump contracts in the off season and look forward to the following year, etc. If I was Keith Van Horn I would look into firing my agent and hiring a good realtor, it seems like that dude is on the move every year at the trade deadline. Either that or maybe just buy a really nice R.V. or something, kind of makes more sense if you ask me. Doesn’t this cat get it yet that he is just a cupcake?

For what it is worth I still feel the Pistons biggest foe in the East is themselves. They need to not take anyone lightly (can you say two years ago and a 3-1 deficit to the Orlando Magic?) and hopefully are past that stage. If they keep the focus they have now and grind it out there is no reason why a return to the Eastern Conference Finals for the third straight year is all but theirs. To me there are no teams in the East, crazy trades or not, that should stop the Pistons and Heat from meeting for a seven game bout in this years Eastern Conference Finals. My gut also tells me that whoever wins that series, most likely the Pistons, will win the NBA Finals this June. The West has the superior talent, the teams with the best records, and they will all wear themselves down against each other in those damn “nobody plays defense, 128-126, final score” games (Yes, I know the Spurs play defense like the Pistons, but that is about the only team out West I see giving the Pistons fits in the Finals because they are built just like them). Then, come Finals time, the good old Piston defense will bitch slap them in the face, wear them the hell down, and give us another back to back just like the good old days. Hey, Four Championship Drive sounds pretty damn good to me, don’t you think? Later – the sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said... I just stayed there about a month and a half ago. That place is great, I think we are going to stay again in the beginning of April (it's only about 10 minutes from my house, so we can always watch for the deals.)

Next time you are up in my neck of the woods, we should get together for some live Detroit sports chat!  


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