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Thursday, January 27, 2005 at 1:12 PM

Maggs or bust? Sosa rumors?

Well, it seems to have come down to this for the Tigers - Maggs or bust! Does the dude really like being called "Maggs", by the way? I would take offense to it, kinds sound of silly, but that is just me. Then last night, while watching "The Detroit Sports Report" on Fox Sports Net, I got wind of a "RUMOR" - key word rumor - that if the Tigers strike out on Maggs, they may turn their attention to another power hitting rightfielder - Sammy Sosa. The only trick to that is it would involve a trade because he is still under contract with the Cubs, not a free agent. So then I started to think "Whom would you trade?". Here are some of the packages I came up with:

Package #1 - Urbina, Higgy, Craig Monroe and a starter not named Maroth or Bonderman.

Package #2 - Urbina, Rondell White, Marcus Thames and a starter not named Maroth or Bonderman.

We really lose nothing of significance and in return we get a pretty good power hitter. Also, here is a link to an article on Fox Sports Net about the Sosa trade rumors, which also says the Tigers would be a team interested. For the record, Sosa may be in the down swing of his career, may be a Juan Gonzalez type move for the Tigers, but if you don't give up too much ( like the guys I listed above would not be that big! ) then maybe I go for it. But, at the same time I think Juan Gonzalez again - I don't know, I just go back and forth on it. I know the Cubs were in on the Percival stuff this off season, so maybe Urbina could be the key - we shall see!

As far as Maggs or bust, I went to ESPN and for fun saw who was still out there on the free agent market. ESPN had these players named, which I then broke down by position, here we go:

Andy Ashby, Pedro Astacio, Brian Boehringer, Omar Daal, Valerio de los Santos, Mike Fetters, Kevin Frederick, Andrew Good, Franklyn Gracesqui, Buddy Groom, Curtis Leskanic, Al Levine, Jim Mecir, Ramiro Mendoza.

Maggs, Dave Berg, Darren Bragg, Jeremy Burnitz, Robert Fick, Doug Glanville, Tom Goodwin, Rusty Greer, Ray Lankford.

Carlos Baerga, Deivi Cruz, Mark De Rosa, Andy Fox, Dave Hansen, Mike Hessman, Barry Larkin, Travis Lee, Mark McLemore.

Ellis Burks, Brad Fullmer, Brook Fordyce, Todd Hundley, Michael Hernandez, Sandy Martinez, Brett Mayne.

Looking at that list, I think I may make a T-Shirt that reads "Maggs or bust!" as well! There ain't too much left, so it may be to that point with the Tigers this off season. Oh well, let spring training begin!!!! The sports dude.

Blogger Dan Joseph said...

You know, a thin, non-roided Sammy Sosa was a .300, 30 homerun, 100 RBI hitter. Now he's an overgrown washed up has been that can't run to save his life.

Mr Dombrowski, please sign Ordonez so we don't have to watch you trade for the overpriced washed up Sosa!!!!!!!!!!  


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