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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 11:46 AM

Random randomness.

The Pistons = well, they lost their fourth game on New Years Eve and won last night against Orlando to avoid their first losing streak of the season. That is right folks, they have yet to have a losing streak this young NBA season. How amazing is that? The one thought I had, watching last nights game, is how cool it would be if Joe D. some how swung some miracle deal to get Grant Hill back here in Detroit. I know it is a stretch, but I would have no problem moving someone like Arroyo and a second round pick for Hill and letting him come off the bench. We are about to get Hunter back and he could be your second guard, plus Hill could play the "point-forward" off the bench. I know it is a pipe dream, but I just had the thought and realized how nice it would be. I always have remained fond of Hill and just think it would be nice to get him a ring before it is all said and done for him.

Maurice Clarett = man, if it were not for Artest and T.O., could you love any other wet bag of shit more? Got to love the cat, way to be a "man" and get in trouble for armed robbery.

The Lions = a lot to do this off season and it was nice to finally hear Millen speak. I have yet to read the article in the paper, so I may have more on this later, but it is about time he actually came forward. Look, about the only candidates that scare me are maybe Saunders from K.C. (I am tired of "offensive" guys), Mike Singletary (I think he would be Mornigweg Junior, we need someone with more experience) and I go back and forth on Haslett. I think Haslett just got screwed by Katrina, the dude did all he could do. I wouldn't mind seeing Jon Kitna here as a QB, I wouldn't mind seeing Aaron Brooks here either, but yes we need to keep Joey. Not so much because I think he deserves another chance, but rather because of the economics of it. Look, if we cut him then we pay him not to be here plus we still have to find (and PAY!!) two other QB's to be here besides Orlovsky. That makes no sense, so I just say keep the cat and get a better option to back him up then Jeff "the wet noodle" Garcia. Oh, one last thing, even though it is a long shot, how cool would it be to have Bill Parcels here?

The Rose Bowl = USC wins big and makes history folks, 45-17. Yep, another blow out and another year left wondering why the hell we do not have a playoff. By the way yes, the sports dude HATES THE BCS!!!!

Happy to see JoPa beat the warden (a.k.a Bobby Bowden) last night and man is Bowden the most annoying man on the planet? Here is JoPa trying to get interviewed about the victory and Bowden is taking all the camera time! He is a cocksucker to put it nicely!

That is all I got, more to come later as I try to be a better blogger here I promise. Later - the sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Grant Hill: I have always liked him. It's too bad he had to battle injuries, otherwise he would be going down as one of the best to ever play.

Maurice Clarett: Talk about an argument for staying in school, despite the penalties he would have received.

Lions Coach: Parcells would be great. A defensive guy would be great, but the best candidates might be the offensive guys, Kubiak or Carthon would be my picks.

Rose Bowl: What a great game! I changed my mind on seeing Young in a Lions uniform, I'm all for it!  


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