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Monday, June 06, 2005 at 9:52 AM

Game 7 - all or nothing now!

No excuses, no crying, no finger pointing, no refs. That is all I really need to say, it is as simple as that. They need to lock everything else out and get it done. You know the calls will be there for Shaq, he is a superstar. You know that whatever Wade plays that as soon as you breathe on him the refs will give him a sympathy call. Forget about it, let it go, and don't let the refs in your head. Think about nothing but the belt, the trophy, and that Miami wants to steal it from you. Everything else is pointless, so just let it go, deal with it, use it to fire you up and move on. If it gets in your head, you go home for the offseason.

Just a couple quick thoughts here and then I got to go. Look, you all know Wade is going to play - he has to! The question is, how much can he play and how much can he do? Trust me, the cat has to play - just ask Scottie Pippen. Remember the mysterious migraine? That followed Pippen around for the rest of his career - the "soft" label. Miss this game Wade and that label is all but yours now! Even if all he can give is 10 or 15 minutes give it - or get the label kid! Personally I don't think it is as bad as the Heat are making it out to be, I think they are just trying to play with the Pistons minds a little bit more. Van Gundy figured if the refs can do it, why can't I?

Some more advice I have is to weather the storm! The first few minutes of each game have been Shaq dunks followed by more Shaq dunks, so just take it. Keep it close, stay with the Heat and come the fourth quarter the Big Fella will be tired and then take it to them! Also, take it to the hole damn it! Get some more points in the paint, get Shaq and 'Zo in foul trouble - if the refs allow it anyway! Seriously, don't be jump shooting Pistons, work it inside first and then the outside stuff will come.

Lastly, don't let "the others" beat you, as in Miami's supporting cast. If you lose then lose to Shaq, lose to Wade, but no one else. Don't let Eddie Jones, Damon Jones, Haslam, Laettner, Dooling, Butler, etc. beat you. Those guys would be riding the bench for the Pistons, so don't lose to a scrub. Let Shaq get his, it is inevitable, let Wade do as much as he can, but don't fall asleep on the scrubs. Contain them and all should be well.

All right, here it is, game #7. The series has gone exactly as I predicted so far, can I be right one more time? I said Detroit in 7, let's see if it comes true. Damn I hope so!

Later - the sports dude.

P.S. - crap, I almost forgot about this. Let's say the Pistons win, just humor me now okay? I am stressing the word "IF" and everything to, but let's just have fun for a minute here. I was joking with a guy at work this morning about the excuses label from this year to last, you know, as to the only reason why the Pistons won. Last year it was Jason Kidds' knee, Jermaine O'Neals' ankle and Kboe Bryant turning into GM-Coach-One-Man-Team-God and the Lakers self implosion. So what do we have this year? We got the Pacers without Artest, Wades' ribs so that is the only way we won, and what happens if we beat the Spurs? Well, I told the guy that Poppovich would let Larry win it as a retirement present for his buddy, so there's your excuse right there!

Peace the fork out my hearties! Deeeeeeetroit Basketballlllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!

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