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Tuesday, March 08, 2005 at 10:06 AM

Lions brief.

The Lions signed two players yesterday, TE Marcus Pollard and Safety Kenoy Kennedy. Here is the ESPN link to an article describing the signings.

Ironically enough, it was another case for the Lions where they had a free agent visit and would not let him leave town. Unlike last year with Damien Woody, however, this year it was the players choice. With Woody last year, if I remember the story correctly, the Lions all but kidnapped him and kept him here until he agreed to sign on the dotted line. With Kenoy, the guy was at the airport ready to board a plane to Miami and he decided to stay, returning to the Lions practice facility in Allen Park in the midst of the Pollard introduction. He said he knew this is where he wanted to be and didn't need to continue his free agent tour. I am sure Miami must be loving us - again if I remember correctly when we kidnapped Woody last year his next stop was Miami, now Kenoy does the same.

Briefly on Kenoy, we know the Lions were targeting a safety and it seems they got a good one. He might not be the best in coverage, but he plays the run well and seems to be a BIG hitter. If his presence in the secondary is enough to frighten some receivers going over the middle then that will be a good thing, now all we need to do is get Dick Jauron to "bend" a little on his "bend but don't break" style of defense. This appears to be a good signing, and unlike the Tigers, at least our football team appears to be a place that players want to play. All in all I like the signing and it appears again the Lions did the necessary things to help shore up a need on their team - the safety position.

Really brief on Pollard, he is a recognizable name at the tight end position and he comes from a winning program and got to play with one hell of a QB - Peyton Manning. It is unfortunate for him, however, that he has to be downgraded to a receiver that now catches passes from Andre Ware, I mean Joey Harrington. I still hope and pray that there is some miracle in Mooch's and Millen's back pocket that will get them another QB, a real one for that matter. I originally was pulling for Garcia, but have now soured on him. I really liked Warner and him going to Arizona kind of surprised me, but it is what it is. Brad Johnson remains an option, but he is a weak one at best. Jay Fielder is out there, but that is not exactly a great option either.

Unfortunately for us Lions fans, it appears that we are going to be stuck with another year of lousy Joey ball and another year of mediocracy. I like Mooch and I think if he ever gets a QB that is good and that he can trust then the Lions have the talent on offense and the tools to succeed. But as long as Joey is there we really have no chance, regardless of the talent we have at tight end, receiver and running back. Oh well, that is Lions football for you. You know, Rodney Peete got released by the Carolina Panthers - what the hell, anything at this point is better than Joey. Later - the sports dude.

Anonymous Evan said...

Ouch! A harsh assessment of Joey considering he's protected by the likes of David Loverne, threw to the likes of Tai Streets for half the season, and wasn't given the OK to throw the ball like he did at OU until the last 3 games of the season.

But I think your happiness about signing Kennedy and Pollard is justified. Supposedly, Mooch is loosening the reigns on Joey this year, so it'll be sink or swim. Personally, I think he'll swim -- especially if Pollard, Williams, and Rogers are all healthy.  


Blogger the sports dude said...

I don't put the blame on the line, Joey is still one of the least sacked QB's in the league. Also, the line allowed a rookie, one Kevin Jones, to run for 1,000 yards last year. So, blaming any o Joey's woes on the line is not a good argument.

Next, the receivers - yes, Tai Streets was a disappointment, a bust, etc. But if the Lions draft a great receiver every year, and I don't care how great, if the dude is throwing it over his head, in the dirt, two feet in front of him or behind him, how the hell can you say he will swim? Lastly, the majority of the drops by Lions receivers last year came on the rare occasion Joey actually put it in their numbers. You know, as in the Lions receivers were scared and confused because the ball was actually where it was supposed to be?

Lastly, using the Oregon reference, as in his glory days of college. The dude was not the most accurate passer in the world in college, just lucky. Remember, he played in the Pac-10 and the last time I checked the Pac-10 doesn't even know what defense is. So his numbers in college were inflated by the fact that he was throwing into secondaries made up of walk ons, cast off recruits no one wanted, and people from the stands.

Point is, this blogger will never love Joey, he is a back up at best in this league and I wish he were gone. But as long as he is taking snaps under center, it ain't going to happen. Lions will miss the playoffs every year with Joey, enough said.  


Anonymous Evan said...

361 yards and 2 TDs against Minnesota?

346 yards and 2 TDs against Tennessee?

Supposedly those last three games were called by the QB coach, not Mooch or Sherm Lewis. There's a reason TO wanted to leave San Fran when Mariucci was coaching, and it had a lot to do with his conservative play calling, not utilizing the wideout nearly enough, always throwing the short passes, never taking any gambles, et cetera.

When they took more gambles, Joey lit it up is all I'm saying.

Is he the answer? I dunno. But I'm willing to give him more than a season with Mornhingwhig and two years with a crappy team under Mooch to find out. Especially when he shows he can do it in the right situation.  


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