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Tuesday, February 08, 2005 at 10:09 AM

Super Bowl Recap.

Sorry, the sports dude was out sick yesterday. Not the party too hard on Super Bowl Sunday type sick either, unfortunately. I am talking the down and out flu like sick my friends. Let’s just say my Super Bowl Sunday was not quite as fun as I originally had hoped, but I enjoyed the game none the less. Now for my recap.

Not going to get into it too much since it has already been talked about plenty. T.O. outplayed everyone’s expectations, even mine, and although I can’t stand the dude what he did was amazing. He is a great receiver and you have to give him props for the way he gutted it out. The Eagles, to me, really just looked “happy to be there” all night long and their lack of urgency at the end was puzzling and shameful. I have seen the Lions run better two minute drills then that! But something tells me they will be back in the big game before too long and quite possibly we may see them represent the NFC in next years Super Bowl, hosted by none other than your very own Detroit city!

The Patriots, you just got to love them, don’t you? They do just enough to punch you in the mouth and gut out a win. No flash, no flare, just down and dirty hard work. Brady was poised, patient and confident all night, constantly checking the Eagles blitz packages prior to each snap. Branch was spectacular in winning the MVP Award, Dillion got the tough yards when they were needed and the defense played a great game. They got the sacks, they got the interceptions, but most impressive to me was the zero they held McNabb’s feet to – as in no rushing yards for the Philly QB. Let the dynasty talk begin folks because it is legit! It is sad to see Weis go to a crap school like Notre Dame and Crennel go to a mess like the Browns, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Belichick will be just fine. I am going to say playoffs next year for these Patriots, but I think the Pats’ will let someone else have a turn in the Super Bowl next year – the dynasty is going to take a season off before going for #4.

The commercials were kind of a disappointment; I thought the nipple gate and FCC scare really took away from some of the fun of them. It would have been nice to see some more “racy” commercials, but they were not too bad. “” had a smoking hot chick, I liked the monkeys for “” and the half time show was actually pretty good. Sorry, I never really liked the “let’s throw every musical genre together” crap they always tried to pull with the mixes of Aerosmith, Brittney Spears and Nelly. To me, I will take just one type of music, one performer and leave it at that. I would love to see Bob Seger next year, maybe some “Motown” greats, but Kid Rock and Eminem can stay home. Plus, the pregame tributes to the soldiers actually gave me goose bumps. All in all it was very moving and nice to see.

Well, that is all I got for now. I am planning on talking some Maggs this week, what his signing might mean to the season and what it may do to some current Tigers as well. Plus, I may even talk a little about Jose Canseco’s garbage if I feel up to it. Until then, good-bye and stay healthy – drink your O.J. and take your vitamins my friends! Later – the sports dude.

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