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Friday, February 04, 2005 at 8:24 AM

Super Bowl Pick Time.

This is my fourth and obviously final look at the Super Bowl. We talked Patriots on Tuesday, Eagles on Wednesday and some keys to winning for both yesterday. Now, as promised, it is Friday and I am ready to make my pick.

I have talked my ear off, your ear off and done a lot of babbling all week long in anticipation of what I feel will be one of the greatest Super Bowls in a long time. I looked at each team a little and gave some of the keys to winning for both. I am not a sports pro, a sports journalist, or a paid analyst. In fact, even if I tried to get a job as one they most likely would laugh in my face. I am, however, a huge sports fan and the sports blog world allows me to at least pretend I am one! All that being said, all the garbage I typed all week, I think I am now ready to make my pick. To me, the Super Bowl comes down to one final unanswered question, and that question is this:

“Is this the biggest game of your life or is this simply the biggest game of the season for you?”

You see, that question right there is the biggest difference between these two teams for me. The Patriots have obviously earned the right to answer that question with “the biggest game of our season”. They have been there, done that and even bought two T-Shirts to boot! For them it is nothing more than the biggest game they have played in this season, period. They have already done it twice, so the “biggest game of their life” tag has worn off and now turned into just the biggest of the season.

The Eagles, on the other hand, have to answer that question with “the biggest game of our lives”. The biggest game of the season, to them, was the NFC Title Game two weeks ago against the Falcons and ridding themselves of that damn monkey on their back! Now, in the Super Bowl for the first time as a team, it quickly turned into the “biggest game of their life”. The media, the glamour, the glitz, the hype – this is all new to them. They are like that wide eyed teenaged boy who sees a girl naked for the first time in person – “WOW!!!!” Eyes big, jaw dropped; you have seen pictures of them before, even dreamed about them before, but until they are in your face for the first time – it isn’t anything like you dreamed it, it is much bigger and better! They have spent their week in that daze; will that work for them or against them on the field this Sunday?

See, the Eagles got through their big game two weeks ago, shaking loose that Ghost of NFC Title Game Past. Do they emotionally have anything left? After that big game, how can this one measure up? Or are they simply just “happy to finally be here?” Plus, how has all the first time hype worn on them this week? The Terrell Owens soap opera? Freddie Mitchell and his stupid mouth? Those are all things that keep popping into my mind as I try to make my pick between the Eagles and the Patriots. Also, I look at this factor – who did they beat to get here? The Eagles beat a Vikings team that back pedaled into the playoffs. They then beat a Falcons team that to everyone had to be one of the biggest surprises of the season. But, most importantly, they beat that NFC Title Game Ghost as well. The Patriots all but bitch slapped the Colts and the best offense in the league. Then, just for dessert, they put up 40 some points against the best defense in the league – on the road! To me those are all too big of factors to overlook as well. To me the Pats beat down the leagues best offense, torched the leagues best defense and now stand on the brink of making it 3 out of 4 Super Bowls. The Eagles only true test was shaking that monkey, beating that ghost and nothing more than that. I feel they would have lost to either the Colts or the Steelers had they been in the AFC and I can not ignore that as well. That all being said, here finally is my prediction.

Do I think the Eagles have a chance? Yes, I do. Here are my three guesses for possible outcomes in this game:

1 – Eagles win a close game.
2 – Patriots blow the Eagles away.
3 – Patriots do it New England style baby! Can you say last second drive and an Adam Viniteri field goal to boot once again?

What is missing, you might be asking yourself? How come there is no Eagles blowout listed above? Because there isn’t anyway in hell that it is going to happen, that is why! Belichick had two weeks to prepare, Freddie Mitchell opened his mouth, T.O. is only at 81% and I really feel the Eagles are just “happy to be here”. Sorry, but my gut is really telling me that option #2 is going to happen. Worse case scenario we see option #3, but damn if I don’t want to pick the Patriots running away with it! Even if T.O. was 100%, I still think – at the least – I would pick option #3. But, that being said, my heart follows my boy Brady (or shall we call him Mr. 9-0?) and I am going to post two scores because I keep going back and forth between my gut (option #2) and my brain (option #3). So here you go, the sport dudes final score prediction is:

Option #2 – New England 38, Philly 17

Option #3 – New England 31, Philly 28

Sorry, but I don’t see it being any other way. I will try and blog a little during the game, but that all depends on my blood alcohol level at the time. Until then, be safe, celebrate Super Bowl Sunday responsibly and don’t drink and drive damn it! Until next time, this is the sports dude signing off and saying “Go Patriots” all the way to Sunday!

Blogger Dan Joseph said...

Nice work on this series! You are truly the football guru of Detroit blogging!

I like your predictions. I agree with you that NE will win, but I have refrained from picking a score yet. Its hard to really if you look at the past two NE wins. They've both been on last second FG kicks. I am not inclined to say the Eagles have no chance and will get their butts kicked, but it certainly is a possibility.  


Blogger the sports dude said...

Like I said, that is why I posted two scores and cheated the system a little! My gut is telling me that it is going to be a blow out - but hell, those could have just been hunger pains!!!! My heart is telling me it is going to be Adam Viniteri once again at the end, thanks to a last second drive by Brady. I can't decide, but still, if Philly wins it ain't going to be a blowout that is for sure! I just think the Pats are ready to just break loose - can't beat the Colts, can't beat the Steelers, their secondary is depleted - blah blah blah!!!! I just get the feeling that the Pats want to let loose and just go, at the expense of the overmatched Eagles. But it is the Super Bowl, one missed play can be all the Eagles need. Man, it really should be a good game!

Thanks for the guru talk, but like the Patriots and the word "dynasty" I prefer to keep that word under wraps until after the game is over. Come back Monday and maybe we will start talking guru, just like - I HOPE!!!! - the Pats can start talking dynasty!

Later - T.S.D.  


Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

The Sports Dude once again is the man! Great job in your four part breakdown of the big game.

I am inclined to think your option #3 will be closer to correct then option #2, but what do I know I am picking Philly.

Great job!

Plus I love this quote:

"The Patriots all but bitch slapped the Colts and the best offense in the league."That's great stuff TSD!  


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