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Monday, January 31, 2005 at 9:50 AM

Monday Morning Quickies.

Quickie #1 - Sosa all but shipped to Baltimore. Pending physicals, league approval and all the other legal garbage that goes into a trade nowadays, the Orioles will get Sosa from the Cubs. Here are a couple articles from Fox Sports Net on the deal, here and here. From reading the articles, it sounds as though some of his team mates ( or should I say ex-team mates? ) with the Cubs aren't all that sad to see him go. I guess rule #1 for all you young kids out there should be this - never walk out on your team. Even though the season was all but over for the Cubs, Sammy walked out and the Cubs knew it was time to make the walk permanent. I think the Cubs will be better off without him and I expect Dusty Baker, a great manager in my mind, to get them in the playoffs this year.

Quickie #2 - Larry Brown heading to the Knicks this off season? Here is an ESPN article and a Fox Sports Net article on the subject. For the record, it really doesn't bother me either way. I take little of what LB says to heart and if he chooses to stay, go or retire is really not a concern to me. I think it is unlikely he will be back next season, maybe one more at best, but even when we signed him to a five year deal I knew it wouldn't last all five years. The dude is a coaching gypsy, that is what he does - he moves! Besides, my heart tells me that Bill Laimbeer is waiting in the wings for the job, and that excites me more than anything else these days! The Pistons will be fine, Larry will be fine and the world will continue to rotate on it axis no matter what LB does. Here is, also, Mitch Albom's article on the Larry Brown soap opera - give it a read.

Quickie #3 - Rod Thorn and the Nets continue to do whatever it takes to screw the Pistons. Look, Rod Thorn, Nets prez and CEO, had a war with words going with Larry Brown last year during the playoffs. LB said the Nets coach Larry Frank got "lucky" and didn't deserve the coaching job, Rod Thorn said that LB had no cred, etc. Then Richard Jefferson goes down this year and Thorn calls it a cheap shot. The two clearly don't like each other and when I heard that there were only two teams able to stop the Pistons from getting Elden back, the Nets and Charlotte, I knew the Nets would do it. Even if they had no room for Elden, I knew the Nets would do it just to stop the Pistons. I hope Elden retires and screws the Nets back, but I am sorry it didn't work out. I hope that Joe D. has a back up plan somewhere, because we need another big. Put a call into Derek Coleman, I think he is still available right? We waived him earlier in the year and I don't think he got picked up, did he? Freaking Nets, can't stand the dudes!

Well, that is all for this wonderful Monday morning. It is Super Bowl Week, so as promised tomorrow I will break down the Patriots a little and have a look at them. Wednesday is another stupid list and I am trying to come up with something a little Super Bowl related for that. Thursday will be the Eagles day and Friday will be the big game prediction from yours truly, the sports dude. Until next time, good-bye!

Blogger Dan Joseph said...

I never believed that Larry Brown was going to try and leave after this season until this weekend. Now he's told the media that the Knicks is his dream job and that Isiah is his favorite GM.

Take a look at the Pistons lineup. Ask yourself this question:

Is this team ready for Phil Jackson?  


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