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Tuesday, February 01, 2005 at 11:24 AM

Tuesday Quick Hits.

Quick Hit #1 - The Pistons meet the prez. Rasheed Wallace was none too pleased, but he went along and seemed to at least act cordially. Here are a couple articles on the trip here and here. The trip went well, aside from George W.'s couple of lame jokes - "So, nobody expected you to win -- I know how you feel" and referencing the catch phrase "playing the right way". The president actually said some nice things and Larry Brown was moved by the "play the right way" remarks made by Bush. Hopefully this won't be the only "W" the Pistons get in D.C., they play the Wizards tonight. I know, bad pun, but the president used some in his speech so why can't I.

Quick Hit #2 - Rod Thorn, president and CEO of the New Jersey Nets, is a bigger cock then I originally thought. Read The Detroit News' Chris McCosky's article here and see what I mean. Seems I only scratched the surface on some of the apparent hate he not only feels for Larry Brown, but for the Pistons organization as a whole. Apparently he waited until 5:55 P.M. ( the deadline to clear waivers for the Pistons to have reacquired Campbell was 6:00 P.M. ) to claim Elden, essentially waiting until the last minute to tease the Pistons into thinking that they would get him back. Think it wasn't done out of spite? Seriously, read the article, see all the things Thorn has done to the Pistons, any Piston fan will know that, when they read it, Thorn did this to simply piss the Pistons off. The very definition of a cock sucker to say the least.

Quick Hit #3 - Hockeytown now moving to Fraser, Michigan. Apparently some of the Red Wings players have decided enough is enough and want to just play some damn hockey! Here is an article on it. Well, it ain't the NHL but at least it is something for these guys, right? Plus, it will probably do more good for the Motor City Mechanics than it will for the Wings players, you know. For the record, the season is all but lost and I think the guys know this now. Sorry to all you hockey fans out there, but the players need to stop being stubborn and except the damn salary cap before the game can not be saved. I read somewhere that a 42 to 45 million salary cap was somewhere in the proposal mix and that the players thought that was a low ball unworkable number. What the freak are you talking about? That is more than enough of a decent number, get over yourselves already! Yes Red Wing fans, the days of Mike Illitch buying his way into the Stanley Cup Playoffs may be over, but isn't having some sort of team more important than no team at all? Or, worse yet, having "scab" players out there on the ice? Seriously, it is time for all the players to put their egos aside and get on board with the cap, there is no other way. Like it or not, it has to happen, it has to be that way, and the only alternative I see at this point are what I listed above - replacement players or nothing at all. I say give me the cap, but that is just me!

Well, that is all I got for right now. More to come later I am sure, but until next time I shall simply say good-bye. I am off to lace up my skates, I may be able to play for the Wings next year! The sports dude.

Blogger Dan Joseph said...

Let Thorn play his games, he isn't going to win this battle. When he learns how to put a TEAM together, he might have more success. If he was smart, he'd take Kidd and trade him for 2-3 guys.  


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