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Thursday, February 03, 2005 at 10:20 AM

Keys to winning.

This is my third look at the Super Bowl. Tuesday was an in depth look at the Patriots, yesterday we discussed the Eagles and tomorrow I will make my official pick. As for today I decided to discuss what I think are a few keys to winning for each team.

The Patriots:

Don’t believe the hype! That is about as important of a key that I can think of for the Pats. Dynasty this, dynasty that, greatest coach of all time! Just don’t start buying into it, don’t start believing it and don’t go getting a big head over it.

Seven point favorites. Instead of being the underdog, you are actually favored in this game. Instead of being picked to lose, like against Indy and the Steelers, you are expected to win. Again, don’t let it go to your head.

Run Corey run! The Eagles don’t have a great running game, so if the Pats can control the time of possession it will greatly help them out. Especially late in the game if it ends up being close. Take some time off the clock, control the tempo, ball control and keep McNabb on the sidelines.

Mr. 8-0 Tom Brady. He needs to continue to do what he does best – winning efficiently. Stay calm and lead the offense down the field. Let’s see, the Pat’s two Super Bowl wins came on last minute drives down the field to set up a game winning field goal. Who would you rather have in that situation come this Super Bowl Sunday – Brady or McNabb? You had better answer Brady every time.

The coach. Look, Belichick is the best coach “currently” in the game. He has had two weeks to study, scheme and game plan for the Eagles. What happened last time he had two weeks to prepare for an opponent in these playoffs? Please see the Colts and a score of 20-3 if you have forgotten! Follow his game plan, follow his lead and just continue to believe in what the dude does. He gets the best out of the players he has and makes them all feel involved in the game.

The Eagles:

The T.O. Soap Opera. Will he play? Will he sit? How much will he play if he does go? Is he going to just be a decoy? Quite frankly I think he has been a huge distraction already for the Eagles. The real question should be can the Eagles over come this distraction?

McNabb. He has to show up and he has to play the best game of his career. Without T.O. he is throwing to a bunch of #2 receivers at best and even with T.O. out there, the dude is only “81 percent”. The Eagles don’t have a great running game so it all falls on McNabb. As he goes so goes the Eagles chances in this Super Bowl.

The defense. They have to get to Brady and they have to stop the run. If they let Dillion carve up yards and the Pats control the time of possession battle it is all but over. If they let Brady get into a groove and give him time there is no chance in hell. They have to put Brady on his ass a couple times, disrupt his timing and get into the dudes head.

Freddie Mitchell’s Mouth. He called out the Pats secondary, jokingly or not, and basically called them a bunch of no names. Then he personally called out the Pats Rodney Harrison. He should have kept his mouth shut and I hope McNabb’s momma slapped him upside the head for it! He better put his game where his mouth is; otherwise it could be a rough day for the Philly receivers.

Just relax and have fun. The Pats have been there, done that and bought two T-Shirts to boot! You have got the NFC Title game monkey off your back, finally, remember that. Remember you are a great team, remember you deserve to be there, but most importantly remember what it is that got you there and just do it!

That is all for now, until next time my friends! Remember, tomorrow I make my pick. Later – the sports dude!

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