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Wednesday, May 11, 2005 at 12:50 PM

Going for the jugular? Let's hope so!

No, the header is not in any reference to the brawl, I don't want to go there. The header is in reference to tonight's game when the Pistons, with a victory, can put a nice struggle hold on the Pacers. The question is, which Pistons team will show up? Hopefully the one that has won eight playoff home games in a row.

Look, we all know the Pistons do it. They have an opportunity to deal a death blow and they seem to be off in space somewhere. Will that spaced out team show up or the team that won on Monday night, even though they played a pretty crappy game. Yes, I know they won, but damn they still played crappy. They shot something like 24 for 40 from the line, they fell asleep sometimes on defense and damn, 'Sheed, Chauncey and Prince combined for 30 points. Shit, Billups had more assists (seven) then he did shot attempts (six). They got the win, but they can not afford to do that again. Clearly fatigue was a factor for the Pacers, but tonight that won't be an issue. Tonight they will be running and gunning on all cylinders and tonight they will play a better game. Hopefully the Pistons can match it and come away with a win.

I have a feeling tonight's game will be a closer one, much more along the lines of the "ugly" basketball we are used to when these two teams play. You know, somewhere along the lines of a 83-79 final score, give or take. For the record, believe it or not, that is the type of basketball I prefer. I watched parts of the Suns-Mavs game the other night and had to turn it off it was so horrible. Damn, I am a six foot white guy with bad knees and I could easily play defense better than anyone on the Suns or Mavs roster. You call the Pistons style ugly, sorry, I think it is the other way around. You can take that West Coast style and keep it, I'll stick to the defense that wins you championships. Anyway, back to tonight's game - whoever imposes their will first on the other team will most likely win, let's just hope it is Ben leading the way again!

That is all I got, later - the sports dude.

Anonymous Evan said...

Well, you were definitely right. After the first quarter, they just shut down.

And what's the deal with Brown not playing Arroyo at all? Hunter's a quality guard, but he couldn't shoot for anything last night, and he kept getting the ball stripped if he'd go inside. When we needed some offense, why wasn't Arroyo in there? I generally make it a policy not to questions coaches who could have a labotomy and still be better at coaching than I would be with 50 years of training... but DAMN, did they come out flat in that second half...

Run down the floor, make one pass, jack up a three. Run down the floor, try to drive to the hole, get ball stolen. Run down the floor, stand around like idiots, try to make one pass for a monster dunk...get blocked by O'Neal or Foster.

Just disturbing.

I don't mind when a team plays well or at least tries and loses. But these guys didn't even look like a basketball team. Nasty.  


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