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Friday, March 11, 2005 at 8:50 AM

TGIF - let's talk Joey & the Lions & Dan Miller & Pistons & U of M.

- Well, there has been a lot of love for Joey Harrington out there in sports blog as of late. I am glad that Joey at least has a few fans here and there, but the dude just doesn't have it. He was overrated in college and no way in hell should have ever been a number three pick. By using the last two games of the season as measuring sticks, there is only one thing that you really need to notice about those games - the Lions still lost. He is not a leader, he would look better holding a clip board, and his ass should be on the bench come game #2. The Lions had better get a back up QB that can at least come in and play, whether it be Brad Johnson or Jeff Garcia, it really makes no difference to me. Bottom line is that when Joey fails again this year, and I am sure he will, they need to have someone behind him to step in and perform. They never had that before (my analogy of the Lions QB's - Harrington and McMahon - was always this - compare a Chevette to a Ford Festiva - they both are pieces of shit, you just hope one has something left in the tank to at least get you home) and if they have someone behind him maybe it will push him, or most likely, at least we got another guy that actually knows what it means to be a QB. Look, I hope I eat my words on Harrington, I would love for him to have "Drew Brees Syndrome" this year - like I said as Joey goes the Lions go. If Joey succeeds and I eat my words I would be fine with that because that means the Lions made the playoffs. But, for the record, I don't see it happening, the "Drew Brees Syndrome" for one reason - Brees went to college in a conference (Big 10) that actually plays defense, so all his numbers in college were earned and real. Joey went to college in a conference (Pac-10) where defense is an afterthought at best. Enough said - Joey is a bust and right now I pick the Lions to finish, at best, 7-9 with him. If they get a real QB, even a rust bucket like Brad Johnson or Jeff Garcia, I could see 10-6 or better because they have the talent everywhere - except QB. Done.

- Dan Miller replaces Mark Champion, the voice of the Lions for 16 years. It make sense, but it is still sad. Champion will land on his feet and Miller really is enjoyable to listen to. Done.

- The Pistons make a quick road trip to Boston tonight, their first time playing the Celtics since they reacquired Antoine Walker. Hopefully the Pistons will start up another nice win streak, but I think the #2 seed is all but theirs. Which is fine, because like I said before, in a seven game set against Miami, home court or not, I don't see the Heat being able to beat the Pistons four times. Done.

- Lastly, my boys over at U of M have revealed their new student shirt for next years fans to purchase and wear to the games. It is not maize this time, which is kind of sad, but it does high light what is, to me, the most important thing about playing at "The Big House" - running out on the field and jumping to touch that banner. Here is a link to the shirt. Done.

That is all I got for now, have a good weekend. Later - the sports dude.

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