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Monday, October 17, 2005 at 10:47 AM

Monday Morning QB - feeling lucky edition.

Yes, the post header says it all, feeling a little lucky today! How else can I feel? A last second loss to Wisconsin, a last second loss to Minnesota, why not think this was going to be the same? The damn play actually happened so fast I thought it was a loss, I missed the damn catch! I saw Henne throw to a spot and I saw no one there when he released it, Manningham had yet to make his slant. I turned around, threw my arms up in the air and cursed under my breathe - the kids were in the other room watching cartoons, had to curse that way! Then, a split second later I hear the announcers yell "TOUCHDOWN!" and I turn to see a wave of maize and blue rushing to the center of the field. It wasn't until they slowed it down and showed the replay that I actually allowed it to sink in. All I can say is that it was nice for those kids to get a break to go their way for a change because if they would have lost that game there wouldn't even be a Motor City Bowl to joke about, it would literally have been over.

The Spartans, on the other hand, just had all the air sucked out of them at the end of the first half, there was no way they could recover from that. I am not a football elitist, although I pretend to be, but what I saw at the end of the first half even surprised me. I saw Stanton rallying the offense to get together for a quick spike, his arm was even in motion to let the players know that is what he wanted to do, and all of a sudden here comes the kicker out on the field. All I could think was "What the ..." and you all can fill in the blanks any way you choose! I would have loved to have seen Stantons' face when he looked up, mid motion for the spike, and saw the kicking team coming out on the field. It was probably a look of "What the ...." Again, fill in that blank any way you choose. There was just no life left in those kids in the second half and it is a damn shame, they would have won that game no doubt. They were playing better, had all the momentum in their favor and, even if Goss would have missed the field goal, been up 17-3 at the half. John L. said it best as he was running off the field, "That's a dang coaching mistake, the kids are playing their tail off and the coaches are screwing it up!" Couldn't have said it any better coach, I wouldn't want to be that coaching staff this week, I think they are going to get more abuse from John L. than the players.

Lastly, the Lions - I am not even going to touch this one! Let's put it this way, Lions defense 14, Jason Hanson 6, Joey Crappington 0. I mean, Chris Weinke, Mr. Heisman bust himself, who has not thrown a pass in two seasons, comes in and looks better than Joey has all season! No more, and if anyone even tries to defend Joey, get a grip and stop fooling yourself. I am tired of the no offensive line excuses, I am tired of the no receivers excuses, the bottom line is he is not getting it done. That was his last start at Ford Field, barring injury, this season. He will get one half, which he doesn't deserve, at Cleveland, Garcia will come in and Joey will be dropped to #3 on the depth chart. The dude is done, what a waste! Look, I said it before and I will say it again, I really wanted him to do well this year because as he goes the Lions go, but the dude is not a NFL caliber QB. I wish he would have succeeded because this now means that next season we have to start all over again. We will sign an aging veteran (with more left in the tank than Garcia!) to run the show for a year or two and let Orlovsky sit, watch and learn. We are back at square one as another top five pick goes to waste (the other is Charlie Rogers, who also has bust written all over him! Or is that pot?), what a damn shame. But the cat has been given more chances than a whore at a bachelor party and he is clearly regressing not progressing one bit. The cat is done, period, point blank and end of story. If he even starts anymore games after Cleveland I will never watch another Lions game this year. Pack his bags and get him and his piano the hell out of town!

The good news, besides U of M finally catching a break, is that I saved a bundle on my car insurance! Just kidding, but I do have some exciting news. I was able to get tickets to the Aerosmith concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills this weekend, I had a nice little password given to me from Ticketmaster for the weekend presale! Got four tickets, going to the show on December 15th and am looking forward to Lenny Kravitz as the opener as well! Damn, I really am happy, because seeing how they are all older than dirt, or the Red Wings roster for that much, (all right, I had to get one shot in!) you just never know when they may drop dead or just call it quits. They are, in my opinion at least, the greatest AMERICAN rock and roll band of all time. I stress AMERICAN because there are some good bands from England (please see the Stones, Zepplin and Beatles for reference) that are pretty good too. But my nod there goes to the Stones, mainly for longevity sake, but the Beatles are a close second.

All right, enough babble, later me hearties! I am out like Joey Harringtons' career in Detroit, peace - the sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Good stuff as always. I agree with you on the Lions. I can't believe they have let the Harrington Era go on this long. It's flat out embarrassing to watch the Lions offense. Backus needs to go to. I know he is one of your U of M boys, but come on, he has played like crap.

Mooch is another big part of this problem and I have to admit I wouldn't be sad if Millen made a move there either. From what I can see, I say give Jauron another shot as an NFL head coach. His defense looks great and he is doing the best job of any of the Lions coaches.  


Anonymous Evan said...

Eeeek... I don't know about Dick Jauron as head coach of the Lions. Let him keep running the defense...but we've had enough crappy offense for a while.

If the Lions want to get serious about improving on offense, I think they ought to:

(1) Ditch Joey after the year is out
(2) Acquire a real QB: do not let Garcia anywhere near the starting job
(3) Fire Mooch.
(4) Trade/release Backus
(5) Draft and/or sign 2 legitimate offensive linemen.  


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