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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 at 8:47 AM

Random thoughts.

This makes me happy, because it was whom I hoped the Lions would get in the draft. But he went earlier than I even expected and it was not meant to be. Alas, I guess we are stuck with this guy, whom should be all right I suppose.

This makes me beyond happy, in fact we are talking egstatic, over joyed, over come with laughter, there really are no words for it to tell you the truth. A thug is always a thug, a bitch is always a bitch and overrated is still overrated. So here's to getting what you deserved you over-hyped, wet, fat, stupid bag of shit. Man, this really makes me feel good - bust!!!!

This guy needs to go! Say all you want about his "effieciency", but the bottom line is he ain't getting it into the end zone. He has three regular season games and, after that, we are screwed anyway so you may as well go with Jeff (float me a ball) Garcia or Orlovsky, shit even Timmy Chang. But the bottom line is Joey doesn't have "it", whatever "it" is and the guys in that huddle are starting to see it. Better do something quick before it is too little too late... if it isn't already!

Off the sports beat for a second, this shit makes me sick. All the destruction, all the devistation, and you go and loot! Those people need to be shot, plain and simple. The sports dude believes in an "eye for an eye" and hates our justice (or lack there of!) system in this country. String those bastards up, put a bullet in 'em and let the flood waters take them away. Bastards, assholes, jerks... plain and simple.

Later, and on a happier note, my U of M preview will be coming later this week. Good-bye, godspeed and god bless the hurricane victims. Later - the sports dude!

Anonymous Evan said...

As for not getting into the end zone, is that Joey's fault?

Last night they were in the red zone and got backed out of it by a 10 or 15 yard penalty. Guess who got them back to within 10 yards? Joey.

And when it was 4th and 1 in the red zone, it wasn't Joey who called the play to run the ball to Bryson up the gut. It was Mooch or Tollner.

And when they needed to get the TD on the drive when they scored their first field goal, it wasn't Joey who called the play to only send one guy into the endzone and send 2 or 3 guys shallow. It was Mooch or Tollner.

All I'm saying is that if TRENT DILFER can win a Super Bowl, Joey can surely take this team to the playoffs if the coach takes the handcuffs off the damn offense.

If Mooch isn't going to change anything and is going to keep calling this, then the season's over. It doesn't matter if Joey evolves into Peyton Manning; they still won't win more than 8 games. Joey can definitely sink this team right now if he plays like crap. But he can't win until his coach lets him. That's undoubtedly a failing -- he's not Brett Favre, who could win if he was in a wheelchair -- but still. Mooch needs to wake up and stop being so stupid about his playcalling.

One of the things that Bellichik (and formerly Parcells) and other great coaches seem to do is adapt to the players he has a little bit and play to their strengths. Mooch is doing the opposite, trying to get all the players to play to what he wants. That's not ideal if you want to win, I don't think.

No doubt, Joey needs to go if he can't put up some good numbers this year. But Mooch's head should roll too.  


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